Accessing Your Current or Past T4s

When T4s Are Available:

Online T4s are available by February 28th. For those who have not opted in, Vancouver campus will mail paper T4s by February 28th.

Online tax slips are provided as PDFs and are identical to the printed form. The online version is accepted by Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) when filing your taxes.

Switch to an online T4 by January 31st noon and you will be entered to win an iPad! We appreciate your commitment to sustainable practices and best of luck in the draw!

Effective immediately, paper copies for past T4s will not be provided.

Accessing Your Tax Slips Online (Current Employees):

  • Print T4 copies through the Management Systems Portal using your CWL (campus wide login) ID and password.
  • Download Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you are accessing the portal off UBC Okanagan campus.
  • Select ‘HRMS Self Service’
  • Go to ‘Year End Slips’ and check ‘yes’ for receiving an electronic only copy of your T4. Please note that this option will only appear if you have not done this selection process.
  • If you have already elected to receive your tax slips electronically, a paper copy will not be generated. Tax slips online are identical to the ones mailed.
  • Important: if you click on ‘Year End Slip’ and nothing appears, look to the top right of your screen and turn off the pop up blocker. Turning off this feature will allow the T4 to appear on screen and be printable.

Former Employees – Download T4s:

Former employees can access T4s in two ways:

  • Through the Management Systems Portal. Access remains 18 months past your last day of employment.
    • Download Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to access the portal. Log in to the VPN network and then sign onto the CWL site.
    • Troubles installing VPN? Call IT, Classroom and Media Services Help Desk for troubleshooting advice.
    • Ensure that pop up blockers are turned off on the internet browser. This will allow the T4 to appear on screen and be printable.
  • From the CRA website, set up access to online services through My Account. CRA will provide copies online of your T4 or T4A from previous years.

Past Years T4s

Are only available on the Canada Revenue Agency website. Sign up for an account and once it is activates, past years T4s will be on your account. We no longer provide copies of past years T4s.

Your Tax Deductions

UBC Payroll deducts taxes from your paycheques according to rules, legislation and computer formulas provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). See what is considered taxable.

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