Fiscal 2017 Year End Timelines Okanagan Finance Operations

Note that the final deadlines outlined below are subject to volume constraints If document submission is delayed there is risk that even with the deadlines stated below high volume could jeopardize successful completion of year-end processing.    Payroll Final timesheet for hourly Mar 16-31 pay period must be in ADM006 mail slot by noon March […]

December PCARD Reconciliation Deadline

Financial Operations at UBC’s Vancouver campus will be closed from 4:30PM on December 23th until January 3rd. In order to ensure PCard transactions are posted correctly to the ledger for the month of December, for this month only reconciliation for the PCard will close at 3:30PM on December 21st.  All transactions must have a valid speedchart […]

New Finance Operations and Strategies website coming soon

The new Finance Operations and Strategies website ( is estimated to go-live on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. The new website will combine the old Payment & Procurement Services and Finance websites into one website. Our goal is to increase customer service by having one source that combines all finance/research resources for the campus community to access. […]

Effective April 1, 2015: HSBC Procedural Changes for Cashing Cheques

Effective April 1, 2015, HSBC has implemented the following procedural changes for cashing cheques and issuing bank drafts. Cheque Cashing at HSBC HSBC will no longer cash cheques issued to individuals who are not personal clients of the bank. In the past, arrangements have been in place for non-clients of HSBC to cash UBC cheques issued […]

Bank Deposits – Essential Brink’s Information You Need to Know!

How to complete a successful Brink’s deposit: Deposit bags can be found at the back counter in the book store. Record the deposit amount on the outside of the bag in the allocated space. Brink’s and Payment & Procurement Services staff members are not permitted to write on the outside of the bag. Only the […]

Brink’s Required Deposit Procedures

Refer to Brink’s Required Deposit Procedures for detailed information.