Travel Requisition & Travel Expenses

All Travel Claim, Travel Advance or Travel Advance Clearance may be submitted either via the Travel Requisition for Payment form or SmartForms (a Web-based Requisition Form which serves to replace paper-based requisition forms). The appropriate box on the top of the form should be marked accordingly (ie Travel Claim, Travel Advance or Travel Advance Clearance).

The Travel Requisition via SmartForms eliminates duplication of data-entry and incidences of missing information, provides the UBC Department with total control over transactions, and significatly reduces payment cycle time. Payments processed via the SmartForms  normally take 4 – 5 business days on average.

Access to the SmartForms requires a three hour training course and FMS nQuery access.

UBC Faculties, Departments, and Ancillary Operations must ensure all travel advances, clearances and claims for the University of British Columbia are valid, complete, authorized and comply with the guidelines stated in:

The Travel Requisition Policy provides comprehensive guidelines to facilitate travel and travel expense reimbursement in support of the University’s mission while maintaining controls for accountability.