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Outlined below is reference material from Finance workshops and specific topic areas.

Accounts Payable

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Okanagan Payroll

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Research Finance

Transferring Research Funds to UBC Provides information regarding the transfer of existing research funds from another university to UBC
UBC Research Roadmap Provides a step by step guide from finding funding opportunities, applying for grants, to reporting and publication
UBC Policies & Guidelines Provides policies of UBC, Tri-Agency Grants, Non Tri-Agency Grants, and US Federal Grants
Sponsor Policies Reference tool for UBC researchers, departmental finance officers and administrators
Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide
(complete resource)
Important highlights from Financial Guide:
Use of Grant Funds: eligible and ineligible expenses

Reporting and Supporting Evidence: documentation and info needed to justify items charged to Tri-Agency grants

Stationery and Office Supplies: eligible and ineligible office expenses

Tri-Agency Administration of Agency Grants and Awards Federal agreement on the administration of Tri-Agency grants and awards
Student Appointment Matrix Provides information regarding the hiring of students
Over-expenditure Addresses issues on over-expenditure of research funds
Internal Reserve Guideline Explains how unspent research funds are handled
Frequently Asked Questions Captures questions commonly raised by UBC researchers







Workshop Reference Material

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