Reporting Tools


Access to all reporting tools becomes available once you have requested and obtained FMS nQuery access.
All reporting tools are located in the Management Systems Portal.

FMS nQuery

FMS nQuery is the in-house developed software program that allows the user to conduct searches on chartfield information, accounts payable vendors and payments, purchase order details and general ledger statements for a Progran Grant (PG). Users typically use FMS nQuery as their primary source of day-to-day information for the management of their accounts.

Month End Reports

Finance Operations and Strategies prepares eight reports each month. Each report contains a different level of summarization.

  • Roll-up Reports contain the most summarized information.
  • PG Statements show the activity for each individual PG within an area of responsibility.
  • Balance Sheet highlights all non-revenue and expense activity and balances.
  • Detail Reports of Transactions lists every entry processed for the period in question.
  • Statement of Salary and Wages shows what has been paid by employee and by chartfield.
  • Salary and Benefit Commitment report contains the amount of salary, by employee, left to be paid for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Over / Under Reports

Over / under reports are designed to show the activity of all the PG’s or summarized by DeptID for a specific area. The reports list the funding / revenue received to date, the expenses to date and finally the Purchase Order and Salary commitments to the end of the fiscal year.

nVision and nQuery

nVision and nQuery are PeopleSoft tools used to extract information from the General Ledger. nVision summarizes the information into a financial statement format. nQuery, on the other hand, is good for pulling out detailed transactional data from the system. There is a listing of pre-written nQuery and nVision reports in the FMS Reporting Library, which is located in the Management Systems Portal.

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