For Researchers: How do I…

Refer to Using the Dashboard document for useful tips in accessing information.
To hire a student, review the information on hiring a student.
Purchasing guidelines can be found on the Supply Management website page. This will help determine whether to go ahead with a purchase or whether a purchase order is required.

On your dashboard, to find the Indirect Cost of Research rate, click the Project/Grant number.  This is a hyperlink to grant details. The Indirect Cost of Research rate is near the bottom.

Start with the budget amount available on your dashboard.  Click on the amount, then search.  This takes you to the GL Summary Report.  If the budget balance available in the General Ledger Summary differs from your dashboard, use the balance available in the GL Summary.  Divide this amount by 1 plus the ICR rate.  For example, if you have $1000 available and 25% Indirect Costs of Research, to determine the amount available to cover expenses, divide 1000 by 1.25.  You will have $800 available.  A 40% rate would give you 1000/1.40 = $714.28 available.

Always remember that Indirect Cost of Research and payroll expenses are not applied to your PG until the financial month end closes, approximately 8 days after the last day of the month.  If there are expenses in the current month but no Indirect Cost of Research, multiply the total expenses by the Indirect Cost of Research rate to determine the Indirect Cost of Research expense for the current month.

On your dashboard, expenses are hyperlinked. Clicking on any of them will give you the individual transactions that make up this amount.  Payroll expenses will show a source code of PYJ.  This is a hyperlink to the payroll journal.  Click on PYJ to see payment details.
An e-mail message from your sponsor confirming the extension will normally allow ORS or UILO to extend the project end date.
For any questions or assistance, please contact the Research Finance team assigned to your Faculty.

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