Budget and Reporting

The Okanagan Finance Operations and Strategies office is responsible for a wide range of budget and reporting functions. These include:

  • Producing the Okanagan campus annual budget which is approved by the Board of Governors.
  • Reporting on the progress against the financial plan throughout the year and monitor the corrective action that is being undertaken.
  • Ensuring that the General Purpose Operating (GPO) funding allocations are done according to the governance standards.
  • Assisting with the forward-looking vision and financial health of the University through the use of projections and multi-year financial models.
  • Providing an objective review of change initiatives and advice to both the Executive, who approve the initiatives, and the staff preparing the submissions.

In addition, Finance Operations and Strategies is responsible for:

  • Financial Reports, providing financial information such as annual and quarterly financial statements for external stakeholders, i.e. the Province of BC.
  • Management Reports, providing information to decision makers within an organization to support their analytical needs.

Information on Deadlines and Reporting Schedules


Please direct questions regarding Budget and Reporting to the Finance Manager designated to your area.