Verification or Confirmation of Employment

Current UBC employees can create their own employment verification letter in Workday, which will include the following information for all active positions:

  • Position(s)
  • Unit/Department
  • Annual Salary
  • Date of Hire
  • Employment End Date (if applicable)
  • Last Day of Leave (if on leave)

Please note that former employees, contingent workers, and paymaster employees cannot create this letter.

For guidance on how to create your employment verification letter, see Generate Employment Verification Letter in the Workday Knowledge Base.

If you experience an issues or any if information appears incorrect, please submit a Workday support request to Payroll through the UBC Self Service Portal.

If you require a document with additional information, such as your employment history for a permanent residency verification letter, please submit a Workday support request to Payroll.

Note: UBC Payroll does not field questions from or provide employment information to third parties.


Record of Employment

If you require a Record of Employment, please submit a Workday support request through the UBC Self Service Portal.

All ROE’s are submitted electronically to Service Canada. You can log into the Service Canada website to start your claim or print your own copy of the ROE


T4 Statement of Remuneration

T4 Slips will be available on or before February 28 each year. T4 slips are available electronically through the Employee Self Service portal on Workday.  For step-by-step instructions on locating your T4 in Workday, please refer to the Find My T4 guide in the Workday Knowledge Base.

Former UBC employees may access online T4s from the Canada Revenue Agency website and set up access to online services through My Service Canada Account. CRA will provide copies of your T4 or T4A from previous years.

For more information about T4, please refer to the T4 FAQs on the UBC Finance website.