Budget & Reporting – Hyperion FAQ

Move your cursor to a cell, highlight it by clicking on it, and then select the "ABC" button from the top tool bar to view or to edit the cell content.
A blue cell means that there are supporting details behind the value. A brown cell means that the cell has been locked by a user so it will not change. These will be modified by Adjust, Grid Spread or Paste value.
YearTotal is considered as a data entry cell as well as an aggregation for the year. The default calculation is to divide the value in YearTotal among the 12 months. The Fill option will not override the spreading which is at the end of the refresh process.
No. The system is scheduled to go offline for maintenance during the following hours:
  • Monday - Friday: 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Note: System support is limited to regular UBC business hours.
Yes. However, it is recommended that you use Windows for Mac and Internet Explorer 9 to access Hyperion applications. If you are using Mac OS, then please use Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or greater. Note SmartView is not support through Office on Mac.
Firefox 10 or greater is the preferred browser for Hyperion. Please note for Firefox, users need to install XUL Manager and enable the Hyperion website. Firefox add-on instructions. Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and 9 are also compatible with Hyperion, however there are security concerns around using older versions of IE. If users choose to use IE 8 or 9 instead of the current version of Firefox, please only use IE for Hyperion planning purposes only and do not use IE to visit other webpages.
Hyperion Planning system has been loaded with the following information:
  • Prior year ACTUALS since Fiscal 2008/09
  • Current fiscal year FORECAST
  • Current year ACTUALS to the month end that is closed
  • Position Management Data
The Hyperion system will be updated with FMS data on a monthly basis, generally after Financial Services sends out notifications to run month end reports. Please refer to the Universal Schedule under Budget Schedule, Guidelines, References and Updates.
Data from Position Management is be loaded weekly to Hyperion. Please refer to the Universal Schedule under Budget Schedule, Guidelines, References and Updates.
Yes –  users are able to process GPO funding transfers and they will be posted to FMS Central Ledger on the next business day. Note only transfers between G0000 funds are done through the system. These can be viewed in nQuery on the second business day. Users are also able to process planned Interfund Transfers.  Please note that these transfers are for planning purposes only and will not be reflected in FMS.
Transfers for the new G funds (formerly Ancillary and Continuing Studies funds) cannot be done through FundPlan. Transfers from between non-G0000 (eg. G0001 or G0200) funds must be done as interfund transfers and can be processed in FMS via journal voucher.
This is a known Oracle bug. The workaround for this issue is to change your Hyperion settings. Please do the following:
  • In UBCPlan, from the left pane, expand on Preferences
  • from the right pane, under the Display Options tab
  • change Thousands Separator to None
  • change Negative sign to Parentheses
  • change Negative Color to Red
Yes, if the transfer has not been completed. In order to fix a line that is incorrect, add a new line, use the same department and PG of the incorrect line and leave the fiscal and recurring amounts blank and click on add. This will elminate the incorrect line from your multi-line transfer and you can input the correct department/PG and amounts on a new line.
Yes, the Forecast and Approved Plan are loaded to the Planning ledger. Users need to have an nVision report or use an FMS query to extract data from the table LEDGER_BUDG. Users that want to review the Forecast, the ledger is called FORECAST and for the Approved Plan, the ledger is PLANNING.
Yes. The system is available off-campus but you will have to be connect to UBC's VPN using a valid CWL ID. Note: If you do not have VPN access, please contact your IT support team.

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