FMS nQuery Security Administration FAQ

The FMS system is a tool to aid you in the facilitation of your PG’s. You can access the general ledger from FMS nQuery which will indicate what your budget is, what actual expenditures have been charged, what commitments are in place and what the balance is in the PG. Financial reports can be run via the FMS system.
For access for first-time users and department transfers, please complete the FMS nQuery Access Request Form and email it to PeopleSoft support, as indicated on the form. An authorizing signature from the department head, dean or manager is also required. An email will be sent to you once you are set up. There are two levels of security access that can be requested:
  1. PG level
  2. Dept ID level
Please indicate on the form if the applicant requires payroll access. More information can be found on the Systems and Security page.
You must contact the security administrator via email or written documentation with the changes so that the system can be updated. Contact the Finance Manager assigned to your portfolio.
If you are changing departments, then a new FMS nQuery form must be completed and signed by your new department head, dean or manager. You will be locked out of the FMS system until a new form is received and processed.

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