P-Card and AMEX Cardholder FAQ

The new UBC VISA Card can be used for goods, service, travel expenses and gas under $3,500 per transaction. The UBC VISA Card is widely accepted worldwide reducing the incidence of card acceptance issues overseas for UBC travelers. Important: Do not apply for the UBC VISA Card until you contact Chris Munro, Client Services Manager via email or phone 250-807-9599.  If you are not part of the pilot group, you can still apply for the P-Card and AMEX Card.
Yes. The UBC VISA Card is an entirely new card program and as such, you will need to complete a new application to receive the card. The UBC VISA Card is available to a wider number of faculty and staff based on need. IMPORTANT: Do not apply for the UBC VISA Card until your faculty, department or unit has been contacted, as part of the campus rollout.
Yes, it is business as usual with P-Card and Amex in effect until your faculty or business unit is contacted with details on how to apply for the UBC VISA Card.
When you receive your UBC VISA Card, you will have a brief period to reconcile expenses made on existing cards and prior to cancellation. Refer to the 10 Easy Transition Steps for instructions.

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