Payroll FAQ

If you set up your access to Faculty and Staff Self Service Portal while actively employed, you will continue to have access for 18 months. However, if you did not set up your access while employed, you will be unable to set up your account after termination.
If you are a new employee and an employee ID number has been assigned to you, your faculty or department administrator can look up your employee ID number using our Human Resources Management System (HRMS).
First check with your departmental administrator to ensure your appointment paperwork has been completed and processed within the prescribed deadlines. If your paperwork has been processed with the deadlines, check with payroll, Brydie Chamberlain or Paula Lambert, that your direct deposit/banking information and tax (TD1) forms has been received in time to make the payroll deadline.
The University of British Columbia no longer issues paper copies of your pay stub. To view your pay stub you will need to access the Employee Self Service Portal. The site also contains a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on the Faculty and Staff Self-Service online application process.
All new employees will receive a letter confirming their employment from Human Resources. The confirmation letter will contain a benefit enrollment code and instructions on the Online Enrollment procedures. View further information on enrolling in benefits
All claim forms should be sent by you directly to Sun Life of Canada.
At any point in time you may log in to the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal to check on the status of your benefit and pension enrollments.
You will need to inform your Pharmacist (or Dentist for Dental claims) of your Sun Life of Canada Extended Health and Dental Care Numbers. A temporary card can be printed in the Sun Life Self Service site at Your UBC Employee ID number can be found on your payslip in the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Serve Portal, or you can request it from your Faculty/Department Administrator.
Payroll forms can be found on the UBC Vancouver Finance website. Search forms by Section, selecting Payroll in drop down menu. Return all signed completed forms to UBC Okanagan Payroll.
You can access the Self-Serve Portal and change your address, e-mail and emergency contact information without having to submit any forms to the payroll office.
Fill in the “Request for Information Form (ROE)” located under the Payroll section. Note the turn-around time stipulated on the form for completing requests for information and be sure to indicate how the information is to be delivered to you.
Fill in the “Request for Information Form (ROE)“. Employees are not required to submit a paper copy of the electronic ROE to Service Canada. Employees are able to view and/or print copies of the data contained in the electronic ROEs submitted by visiting My Service Canada Account on Service Canada’s website:
Payroll forms can be found on the UBC Vancouver Finance website. Search forms by Section, selecting Payroll in drop down menu. Return all signed completed forms to UBC Okanagan Payroll.
The Income Replace Plan (IRP) referred to as disability insurance on your pay advice is a mandatory employee-funded plan that provides you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. For more detailed information about the Income Replacement Plan
Faculty and Staff Waivers are now processed through the Employee Self Service Portal.  More information is available regarding the Tuition Waiver Benefit 
A record of employment history and earnings is required by the Canada Employment Centre in order to process a claim for Employment Insurance. It is only issued to terminated employees with a minimum of a seven day break between employment. To request one, complete the Request for Information Form (ROE).
Self Service will only recognize actively employed employees to set up their access. It will allow terminated employees to continue using the service, but only if they set up access while actively employed.

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