Smartforms FAQ

ON: use for employee reimbursements or for cheques to be mailed back to UBC Okanagan campus
MN: payment cheques will be mailed out directly to vendors

Invoice # field = last 11 digits of the account number with the month and last two digits of the year (as shown on AMEX statement)

Cheque message field = membership account number and cardholder’s full name


  • Membership account # 1234-567890-12345 John Smith date 04/28/2012
  • Invoice #: 56789012345APR12
  • Cheque message: 1234-567890-12345 John Smith

If paying multiple invoices from one vendor: prepare a separate requisition per invoice.

Employee Reimbursements: enter the form Q # as the invoice number or the reference number.

Except for the traveler who the payment is made out to, all other travelers must have their employee number(s) entered in the “Alternate Vendor Number” field
Briefly indicate the purpose of the entertainment and supply the name(s) of the person(s) present. If a large event with multiple attendees, provide name of event.
Gift cards given to employees are considered a cash gift and therefore taxable; please provide the name and employee number (if applicable) of all gift card recipients. This will be recorded by Payment & Procurement Services for income reporting purposes.

Membership expenses – one-over-one authorization is required

AMEX payments – one-over-one authorization is required

Non-resident individual: 1)    Work is performed in Canada:
  • The payee’s complete name, home address and number of days in Canada are required.
  • A 15 % withholding tax is deducted unless a waiver has been filed to Canada Revenue Agency and a T4ANR is issued with the cheque.
  • No Withholding is taken on reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Account code: 713005
  • Handling code: MF – T4ANR tax form will be attached
  • Please refer to the Non-resident Withholding Tax webpage for details
2)    Work is not performed in Canada:
  • No withholding tax is deducted and no requirement to report to Canada Revenue Agency.
  • No T4ANR is issued.
  • A Q-req has to be used (the honorarium form will not work); Account code: 713000
  • Handling code: MN
Canadian individual:
  • Ensure the requisition is completed with the payee’s SIN number and date(s) of service
  • Provide details of the work performed
  • Account code: 713001
  • Handling code: MT – T4A tax form will be attached
Canadian registered company:
  • Consulting/professional fees, no tax form will be issued
  • Business number must be provided by the payee
  • A Q-req has to be used (the honorarium form will not work)
  • Account code: 713000
  • Handling code: MN

Payment methods: wire transfer or bank draft

For more information, refer to the Requisition Processing Policy

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