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Journal Transactions

There are two types of journal transaction that can be processed in Workday: Accounting Journals, and Accounting Adjustments.

Accounting Journals are used for:

  • Corrections to transactions that involve splits
  • Manual financial reporting adjustments
  • Interfund transfers (processed by your Finance Manager)

To request an Accounting Journal, complete the request form and submit, with supporting documentation, to


Accounting Adjustments are used for:

  • Corrections to worktags for supplier invoices and expense reimbursements
  • For expense transactions that have been posted and paid

To request an Accounting Adjustment, complete the request form and submit to


A Workday Quick Guide for Journal transactions has been developed and can be found here:

For detailed information about each type of accounting entry, process and workflow, please click Here

Payroll Accounting Journal Forms

Payroll Accounting Journals are used to record manual adjustments for payroll where Payroll Accounting Adjustments are not feasible.

Please submit the completed request form to

Supply Management Forms