Training Course Descriptions

Navigating FMS nQuery 


The Navigating FMS nQuery online course** is an introduction to FMS nQuery, which is the University’s read-only financial database. It provides information and helpful hints on how to efficiently navigate within FMS nQuery.

The course will cover instructions on how to run ledger summaries, and how to look up information, such as:

  • Chartfields, Speedcharts and Project/Grants
  • Vendor information
  • Accounts Payable transactions
  • Purchase Order details
  • General Ledger transactions
  • Payroll information

The Navigating FMS nQuery online course is available on an ongoing basis and can be completed at your own pace. Participants can expect to spend approximately 3 hours to complete the reading material and 90 minutes (time limit) to complete the quiz. In order to receive credit for completing this course, participants must score 80% or better on the quiz.

  • Registration is on a monthly basis.
  • After registering in MOST, you will receive an email with instructions on how to enroll in the course. Of note, there may be a delayed response on when you receive the email.
  • Please, complete the quiz within the same month as your registration. (example: Register in May and take the quiz in May; do not register in May and take the quiz in June.)
  • If you find that you are unable to take the quiz in the same month as your registration, cancel your registration and re-register in the appropriate month.

**This online course is available through Canvas, and you will need a CWL ID for access. If you are off campus, you will need to connect to UBC VPN first before you can login to Connect.

Register for Navigating FMS nQuery

  • After selecting the link above, it will take you to the MOST learning portal
  • Select the month you wish to enroll (top right side of page)
  • You will need your CWL ID to register for this finance course