Accounts Payable – Expense Reports Update

Please note that due to high volumes of submitted expense reports from the campus community, it can take a minimum of three weeks for Accounts Payable to review and process all submitted expense reports. Please communicate this to your teams and departments so that they are aware of processing and turn-around times.

If you have an out of pocket expense report that requires urgent reimbursement, you can email with the EXP-number, and it will be passed onto the AP team with a request to expediate if possible.

Note – this is only an option for personal out of pocket reimbursements, and not UBC Visa paid expenses.

For information on how to create and submit an expense report for UBC Visa reconciliation, please review this job aid: Reconcile UBC Visa Transactions on an Expense Report

For information on how to edit or change an expense report, please review this job aid: View, Edit, Change or Cancel an Expense Report