HSBC Canada transition to Royal Bank of Canada – Deposit Bags Update

As part of the HSBC Canada transition to RBC, grey coloured tamper-proof deposit bags will no longer be accepted after March 28, 2024 when HSBC Branches are permanently closed. Please note, HSBC Branches will be officially closed on Thursday, March 28, 2024 at noon and will no longer accept deposits until they are re-opened as […]


In preparation for the fiscal year-end, please consider the following deadlines to ensure goods and services expenses are recorded, approved, and/or canceled in the fiscal year. Credit Card Reconciliations and Out of Pocket Expenses All expense reports must be approved by budget owners by March 28th at 2:30 pm Supplier Payments Deadline for supplier invoice […]

Finance Kudos Feedback

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Notice about Brinks Pickups

Notice to all departments who make non-tuition deposits on campus:  Brink’s carriers will be changing their pickup schedule. Currently, Brink’s has been coming to campus on Fridays. Starting the week of July 17, 2023, Brink’s will visit the UBCO campus on Tuesdays for deposit pickup.

Important! Payroll Fraud Phishing Attacks

The below message was received from UBC Cybersecurity, and has been posted here to promote awareness on this issue.    Please be advised that UBC Cybersecurity is aware of an alarming increase in Payroll Fraud phishing attacks. Criminals have crafted tailored messages targeting members of finance and/or payroll teams, attempting to trick them into updating […]